Unadilla Township


Clerk Information

Clerk: Linda Topping

Deputy Clerk: Amber Walker Smith


  • Scheduling Township Board Meetings and preparing the Agenda. (If you have a concern regarding the township, please send it to me in writing and your item can be placed on the Agenda. If you appear in person at a Board Meeting you can address the Board directly under the “Call To The Public” portion of the Agenda.)
  • Maintaining custody of all Township records.
  • Recording and maintaining Township Board Minutes
  • Keeping Voter Registration Files and conducting elections.

Upcoming Elections

All elections for Unadilla Township residents are held at the Unadilla Township Hall located at 126 Webb Street, Gregory, Mi.

I would like to encourage every resident to register to vote. You can register to vote at any Secretary of State Office, County Clerk’s Office or here at the Unadilla Township Hall. The right to vote is a privilege and we would like to see all our Township residents exercise that privilege.

A drop box is available at the Township Hall of any election mail.

Clerk Forms & Applications

Voter Information