Unadilla Township

Township Board of Trustees

Unadilla Township is the first all Female Board in Livingston County History

From Left to Right: Linda Topping-Clerk, Julie Weiland-Treasurer, Linda Walker-Supervisor, Lori Cowan-Trustee, Susan Cox-Trustee

The Unadilla Township Board has been busy at work making the following improvements to our townships:

SIRENS:   Four emergency alert sirens were installed at various Township locations.  Previously, we only had one tornado siren, located right in Gregory, at the firehall.

PARAMEDIC:   We’ve hired a full-time paramedic to man Fire Hall during the work week, when most of our firefighters are employed at their regular jobs out of the Township.

TRAIL:  The Board has voted to contribute to the cost of paving a narrow strip of the Mike Levine Lakeland’s shared use trail.  The paved area will be approximately 1 mile long and 4 feet wide, so as not to interfere with horseback trail use.  The paved area will run between the trailhead park at M-36 and Van Syckle Road, making it more handicap accessible and user friendly.

LETS: Unadilla Township has partnered with Putnam Township to bring a dedicated LETS bus to be shared with Putnam and Unadilla residents.  The bus is available to take our residents shopping, to Dr. appointments, the Putnam Township Senior Center, field trips and other locations.

BROADBAND INTERNET:  Our Township has been identified as being one of the most unserved and/or underserved areas for good internet connection in Livingston County.  The Township Board has voted to use our American Rescue Funds (ARPA) money to get as much of the Township as we can connected to good broadband internet.  We are contracting with SURF Internet to get part of the north end of the township connected, as SURF is already right next to the township on Bradley and Bull Run Roads.  We’ve asked SURF to present us with an additional proposal for getting more of the Township connected in the future and we’ve asked the Livingston County Board of Commissioners to share some of their $37,000,000 ARPA funds for broadband internet to our residents.

HISTORIC PRESERVATION:  The Township purchased the old schoolhouse on Joslin Lake Road, which is located right across the street from our Unadilla Park.

PLAYGROUND EQUIPMENT:  The Township pursued and received a grant for some new playground equipment in our park across from the Township Hall.